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Aerosol Packaging

Paul Desocio joined Autoprod/Andora Automation almost half a Century ago and was heavily involved with the development and patent for the rotary gasser/shaker, which at the time, revolutionized the aerosol packaging industry. Numerous clients adopted this new technology into their existing lines including, Reddi Wip/ Hunt Wesson now Con Agra, Kraft Cheeze Wiz,  and any number of food aerosols.

Paul’s emerging aerosol packaging technology lent itself well to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, particularly with antiseptic and bug spray packaging. A newly introduced (at the time) contraceptive foam also took advantage of this efficient aerosol packaging development.

Over his entire packaging career, Paul Desocio has designed and built complete lines from un-scramblers, valve feeders, crimpers, gasser/shaker, pressure checkers, cappers, and accumulators. His knowledge and engineering expertise cab still be seen as Andora equipment is still in use to this day.

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