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aircylindersWho hasn’t used aerosol whipped cream or topping, tried a frozen pizza, or had an “UGH” airline meal. Juices and drinks in 4, 8, and 10 oz. containers, apple sauce shelf stable and potion controlled, coffee in individual portions for brewing, and odd shaped and eye catching container of all configurations are everywhere.

A message form Paul DeSocio, President
Being involved with all of these projects has been interesting, intriguing, challenging, at times frustrating, but ultimately rewarding. It’s time, I feel, for me to get back involved. Over the last six years I have been asked on numerous occasions how I could just walk away. To be honest it was really easy. There is a lot to be said for golf and travel. The harder questions to answer: why machine prices have escalated exponentially, delivery times are way out there, quality support is non-existent, spare parts have long lead times and really high cost with questionable quality, and the companies willing to take on challenges in rightangleoutfeedpartnership with processors working toward mutual goal are gone. It’s really hard to walk away from packaging machinery after over four decades in the industry, having been exposed to a fantastic range of products, challenges, and ultimately solutions. The past few years have witnessed amazing packaging improvements including: the commercialization of aerosol food products, the tremendous expansion of the frozen entrée line, the explosion of portion control packaging, the establishment of shelf stable high acid food products, and new containers of all sorts of shapes and materials. Now, we’re all asking “what’s next”?

If you are looking for a ‘one of’ custom designed and manufactured packaging machine, please call me or send me an Email and we’ll work together to find the right solution for your line.